SecondhandMatrix is a network of businesses that allows you to stay connected to help each other avoid any and all forms of fraud, deceit, buying stolen property, obtaining fake gold or silver, shop lifting, intentional loan defaults and more.

With constant new laws and regulations that negatively affect secondhand stores and loaning establishments, we decided to launch SecondhandMatrix. We strongly believe in establishing a professional working relationship with each other to work on keeping the fraud, deceit and stolen property out of our stores.

I am a pawnshop owner in Utah, so I understand the difficulties of dealing with new laws, heavy regulations, stolen goods, police holds, shoplifting and more. Feel free to try this site out and we hope to be able to help you avoid costly problems that we see in the secondhand industry on a daily basis.

As victims of theft/lost items, you can now report your missing items here so that Pawn Shops can look for your items quicker and help you get your items back!